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RFID active tag

Recent developments in technology have allowed us to develop a low cost and highly reliable RFID active tag solution. ActiveWave RFID tags have many advantages over conventional RFID passive tags and RFID active tags.

Advantages Over Passive Tag Solutions:

- Longer Read Range-
RFID Passive tags have read ranges limited to a few feet. ActiveWave RFID tags have a read range of up to 85 meters (~279 feet).

- Larger Data Storage Capacity-
Passive tags have limited data storage capacity compared to the ActiveWave RFID active tags.

- Data Can Be Sent at Designated Times-
Passive tags send data only when they are in close proximity to the RFID reader. Because of the large read range, ActiveWave RFID tags can send data at pre-designated intervals or at certain locations.

    Advantages Over Other RFID Active Tags:

  • Longer Life- ActiveWave uses the latest technology to achieve reliability and life that rivals other active tags.
  • Lower Cost- ActiveWave RFID tags uses the latest technology and integration to provide you with a very cost effective tag.
  • Smaller Size- ActiveWave RFID tags are smaller than Active tags based on older technology.

    Summary of Features:

  • Very low cost, read-only tag, for access control
  • Compact-size tag for wrist bands
  • Standard, long-range, read/write tag
  • High-security, long-range, bi-directional, read/write tag
  • Available in different sizes, based on the application

Read Only vs. Read/Write Tags

ActiveWave offers Read Only and Read/Write RFID tags.

Read Only Tags: The transponders generally provide a fixed factory-set identification code, which is tamperproof, and are known as Read Only (R/O). The unique code, known as a License Plate, enables the tag to be cross-referenced with a database, thereby allowing the tagged item to be closely followed and monitored.

Read/Write Tags: The customer can modify the tag's data. This offers advantages in many applications where the identification code needs to be changed, or where variable data is more important than a unique identity.

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