About Active Wave RFID solutions: Company Background
Let Active Wave be Your RFID Security Partner

ActiveWave was established to provide leading edge RFID solutions to businesses and organizations in order to help them overcome problems associated with tracking of equipment and inventory. Founded in 2001 by veterans of the RFID industry, the company is focused on providing complete RFID solutions using our own exclusive ActiveWave technology. To mark the one-year mark of the passing of our founder, Touraj Ghaffari, we published everything on GitHub at https://github.com/tourajghaffari/tigerfid.

We have always been proud of our work. Before disbanding, our engineering staff, which was composed of highly experienced hardware and software engineers from the RFID industry, developed RFID technology that is able to keep track of any activity associated with RFID tagged equipment and inventory in real time. The ActiveWave RFID system will identify and keep track of goods located in any place within the warehouse or any other part of the building that the system is installed. Our staff has also developed RFID solutions to the security issues that most concern end users.

Our management team consisted of seasoned veterans in software, hardware, RF technology, corporate development, and marketing. They have worked in important product development roles for major organizations including Fortune 500 companies.

ActiveWave Inc. was a leader in creating a total RFID solution specifically targeted toward customers' needs. Upon converting to an open-source system released under the Apache 2.0 license, we hope you will agree that TigeRFID systems provide the best overall RFID solutions in the industry.

What Made ActiveWave Unique

  • The company had engineered from the ground-up, a complete RFID solution for automatic tracking.
  • Our engineering staff had many years of RFID design and system integration experience
  • The company had a long-term vision and focus to provide the best RFID solutions in the industry

Our Competitive Advantage

  • 100% real-time detection of equipment and assets
  • Low cost and very reliable RFID active tag
  • Unique approaches in the tag design with a very long read range (combining several frequencies in one product)
  • Low cost RFID reader and system
  • Portable database with flexible memory size
  • Flexible user-friendly software
  • Overall inventory cost reduction for the customer

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