RFID Applications and Solutions: Tracking in Rental Car Lots
Locate rental cars in real-time with RFID technology

ActiveWave RFID systems can be used to manage inventory of autombiles in new and used car dealerships and in rental car lots.

Use ActiveWave RFID technology to track the location of each car in the lot at any time. In addition, our advanced RFID technology can automatically check cars into and out of the lot in real time.

Benefits of using ActiveWave RFID systems:

  • Enables total visibility of all cars in the lot
  • Facilitates just-in-time delivery of cars as they are needed
  • Allows inventory of less popular cars to be reduced
  • Provides full inventory history of cars at each location
  • Enables full control of inventory content and location for cars in the facility
  • Gives automatic notification when a car enters or leaves the lot
  • Initiates an alarm when a car "disappears" from inventory
  • Eliminates manual record keeping, thereby increasing accuracy and staff productivity

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