Products: RFID Product Datasheets

ActiveWave offers a complete line of RFID products and solutions. Our RFID product offerings are summarized in the tables below. The tables have links to products datasheets as web pages or downloadable PDF files.

Demo Kit

Product Name Datasheet
Demo Kit Demo Kit - web page

RFID Active Tags

Product Name Datasheet
cardTag cardTag - web page
compactTag compactTag - web page
jumboTag jumboTag - web page
miniTag miniTag - web page
wristbandTag wristbandTag - web page

RFID Readers

Product Name Datasheet
Handheld Reader Handheld Reader - web page
PC-Card Reader PC-Card Reader - web page
Compact-Flash Reader CF Reader - web page
Programming Station Prog Station - web page
Standard Reader Standard Reader - web page

RFID Field Generators

Product Name Datasheet
Smart Field Generator Smart - web page
Standard Field Generator Standard - web page

ActiveWave is now TigeRFID

Everything is available under the Apache 2.0 license. Visit our repo at for all the files to build your own ActiveWave products.

NOTE: The information in this datasheet was accurate as of February 10, 2017. Everything is subject to change based on the work done on the repo.

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