Products: RFID Software Solutions
User-friendly and flexible RFID software solutions

User Friendly Windows Based RFID Host Software:

ActiveWave has developed several different application specific RFID software solutions. This host-based software runs on a standard Windows ME Windows 2000 or Windows XP based PC and is tightly integrated with ActiveWave readers. Some of the applications specific host based software solutions offered by ActiveWave are:

  • Access control
  • Inventory control
  • Container, pallet tracking
  • Product tracking through manufacturering
  • Asset tracking
  • Equipment / people tracking in hospitals
  • Parking lot control
  • Car tracking in car rental lots

Easy Interface to ActiveWave RFID Reader Software for Your Own Custom Solutions:

For those end users and system integrators who wish to develop their own custom host software, we offer a solution. ActiveWave RFID Reader Software has an easy to use interface for customized applications. The user can interface our RFID reader software through an API (Application Programming Interface) or physical layer protocol. ActiveWave supplies all the documentation that is required for the user to interface to our products.

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