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RFID reader

The RFID reader is designed for fast and easy system integration without losing performance, functionality or security. The RFID reader consists of a real time processor, operating system, virtual portable memory, and transmitter/receiver unit in one small self-contained module that is easily installed in the ceiling or in any other convenient location.

Features of ActiveWave RFID Readers

RFID Reader Operating Range

The ActiveWave RFID reader has the following operating ranges:

RFID Reader to RFID Tag: Up to 85 meters
RFID Reader to Host: Up to 300 meters

Multi-Tag True Anti-Collision Capability

One of the outstanding features of the ActiveWave RFID system is its true anti-collision capability. This feature ensures data integrity, when several RFID tags are read simultaneously.

Immunity to Noise and Interference

The working frequencies of the ActiveWave system are based on the international platform of RFID systems. The long read range ActiveWave RFID system employs a midrange frequency, and a unique complex software algorithm to provide noise immunity and error-free operation in high-interference environments.

Types of ActiveWave RFID Readers

There are several types of Readers available. Please refer to data sheets for more details.

Fixed Reader AC Power 120/230 Volts AC
Fixed Reader DC Power 12 Volt DC
PC-Card Reader For use with portable devices in trucks, forklifts, etc.
Handheld Reader Has a wireless link to standard ActiveWave RFID readers

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