RFID Applications and Solutions: Airports and High Security
RFID for restricted employee access in critical areas

ActiveWave RFID access control and personnel tracking and location systems can help to assure the security of restricted areas in airports, such as flight lines, baggage handling areas, customs, employee lounges, and other sensitive areas. These techniques could also be applied at maritime ports, railway stations, and passenger bus terminals.

ActiveWave RFID systems can be used to track employee and passengers in real time. Unlike other access control systems, ActiveWave solutions are completely hands-free so they have minimal interference with the busy work schedules and flow of employees and passengers. Read on for some examples of how ActiveWave technology could be applied.

Employee Location, Tracking, and Access Restriction

The ActiveWave RFID access control and tracking system can assure that only authorized personnel can enter restricted areas. To enable rapid response during an emergency, the system can quickly identify the location of key personnel, and continuously track employees working in critical or sensitive areas.

Increased Passenger Efficiency and Flow

One of the major problems now facing airports and other transportation providers is how to maintain a high level of security and safe environment, while not impeding the efficiency that passengers have always expected. ActiveWave's RFID technology can help solve this problem.

Travel providers can issue electronic tickets in the form of ActiveWave RFID tags. These tags could be provided in form factors such as a clip-on badge, wrist band, or badge with a necklace. The ActiveWave "ticket" could be programmed with passenger identification and flight information at the ticket counter or curb-side check-in. Passengers could then be restricted to the concourses and gate areas appropriate for their departure. At the gate, the RFID reader could be used in lieu of ticket collection to facilitate efficient walk-on boarding. The passenger database linked to the RFID reader could assure the correct person is allowed on-board.

Tamper Resistance

To prevent tampering after entering the "secure" environment, a tamper switch on the badge could identify if an employee and passenger removes the RFID badge. Removal could either send an alarm notification to the RFID reader and immediately alert security, or it could notify the security operator that the badge must be re-validated before passing the next RFID portal. This assures only authorized persons are granted access to the appropriate areas.

Benefits of using ActiveWave RFID Systems:

  • Secure passenger concourses and boarding areas for only authorized passengers
  • Secure restricted areas for only authorized employees
  • Quickly locate employees in critical environments
  • Streamline customer ticketing and boarding while maintaining a high level of security
  • Badge tamper sensor -- identifies when badge is removed and possibly swapped among employees or passengers

Other High Security/Access Restrictive Applications

ActiveWave RFID systems can easily be adapted to most environments that require restriction of access or movement of personnel.

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