RFID Applications and Solutions: Equipment Tracking in Hospitals
Use Active Wave RFID  technology to track important equipment and personnel in real-time

An ActiveWave RFID system can be used to track patients, doctors and expensive equipment in hospitals in real time. RFID tags can be attached to the ID bracelets of all patients, or just patients requiring special attention, so their location can be tracked continuously. ActiveWave RFID technology can also provide an electronic link for wirelessly communicating patient data. An instant assessment of critical equipment and personnel locations is also possible through RFID technology.

These applications can be combined with ActiveWave access control to allow only authorized personnel to access to critical areas of the hospital.

Benefits of using ActiveWave RFID Systems:

  • Continuously track each patient's location
  • Track the location of doctors and nurses in the hospital
  • Track the location of expensive and critical instruments and equipment
  • Restrict access to drugs, pediatrics, and other high-threat areas to authorized staff
  • Monitor and track unauthorized persons who are loitering around high-threat areas
  • Facilitate triage processes by restricting access to authorized staff and "approved" patients during medical emergencies, epidemics, terrorist threats, and other times when demands could threaten the hospital's ability to effectively deliver services
  • Use the patient's RFID tag to access patient information for review and update through a hand-held computer

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