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RFID Integrated Solutions

Because ActiveWave designs its own RFID tags, readers, and host software, we are able to provide you with a seamless integrated RFID solution. An ActiveWave RFID integrated solution is capable of tracking such diverse elements as containers, pallets, furniture, test equipment, vehicles, and hospital patients.

Real-Time Inventory Tracking

An Active RFID integrated solution can generate an updated inventory and track the exact location of goods in real time. The system can keep track of virtually any activity of the tagged equipment or inventory. The system will identify and track the items at any point in the warehouse or any part of the building that the system is installed.

Total Visibility through RFID

An ActiveWave RFID integrated solution can help reduce the obsolete stock by providing real time product status information. The amount of idle inventory tied up in store and warehouses can thus be dramatically reduced through the effective use of information that this system will provide.

Our RFID integrated solution is capable of displaying a map of the warehouse, parking lot, or building depending on the RFID application. This map, stored in our database, can be used by your personnel to search for the location of a person, equipment or inventory, and display their location in real-time.

Reconciliation of Inventory

Currently, the process of reconciling actual inventory against the product database is very time consuming and expensive especially if done manually or through the use of barcodes.

An ActiveWave RFID integrated solution, on the other hand, can check stock and inventories received and dispatch items automatically.

Reduction of Theft and Shrinkage

The system will allow internal theft and other forms of inventory shrinkage to be rapidly identified, and eliminated.

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