Products: RFID Host Computer
RFID host computers: easy to install and user friendly

All of our RFID readers communicate to a RFID host computer through the wireless networking system. The host will keep track of all the data and update it as the data changes. The ActiveWave RFID host has the following features:

Wireless Communication Between RFID Reader and Host

The RFID reader and host computer can be separated by up to 1000 feet. This greatly reduces the complexity of system installation.

Windows Based Software

ActiveWave host RFID software offers a familiar user-friendly interface that runs under Windows ME, Windows 2000, or Windows XP.

Client/Server Database

The ActiveWave RFID host utilizes a flexible database system. The system can have a single database or several subsystems that talk to a central remote database through an Ethernet connection.

Multiple Monitoring Terminals

The RFID host software allows several monitoring terminals. Each terminal can monitor system status and real-time data as well as tie into cameras and other remote systems.

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