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Advantage of Active Wave RFID solutions

How an ActiveWave Solution is Different from Other RFID Solutions:

There are many companies that claim to provide RFID solutions. Some are systems integrators who bring together RFID technologies from several different manufactures. Others design RFID components, such as RFID tags or readers, but rely on systems integrators to provide a complete RFID solution. ActiveWave provides you with what we believe is a better approach. Our staff of dedicated RFID hardware and software engineers designed ActiveWave RFID technology from the ground up. Our systems engineers look at the needs of industry and tailor this technology for specific applications. Therefore, we provide you with both the technology and the entire integrated solution.

    An ActiveWave RFID solution offers you the following advantages:

  • Advanced ActiveWave RFID tags with read ranges up to 85 meters.
  • Long life and highly durable.
  • Compact RFID readers designed with the latest technology and wireless links to the host computer make installation a snap.
  • User-friendly host software using familiar Windows ME, 2000 or XP.

ActiveWave has created a complete RFID solution tailored to the needs of various industries.

    Some of the applications include:

  • Inventory Tracking
  • Container/Pallet Tracking
  • Parking Lot Control
  • Manufacturing Lines
  • Rental Cars
  • Fleet Maintenance
  • ID Badges
  • Hospital Equipment Tracking

ActiveWave Solutions Are Flexible:

The flexibility of the ActiveWave system lies in our exclusive ActiveWave software, which ties together the information programmed into the RFID tags with easy-to-use portable data collection tools.

From package shipping, to commercial trucking yards, product distribution, postal service, and just-in-time manufacturing, ActiveWave has the solution to automated logistics management. Our standard software platform ties together the RFID tag's information, barcode, and portable data collection tools. It is easy to accommodate any new technology as well. The wireless communications network between the readers and the host make the system installation very easy. Through wireless communications networks, data sources are linked to decision support, planning and scheduling tools.

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