RFID Applications and Solutions: Parking Lot Control
Feel safe and secure with a parking lot protected by Active Wave RFID technology.

ActiveWave's RFID technology can provide independent, non-stop systems for security, parking, and access control. Our RFID technology provides businesses and communities with hands-free control to ensure only authorized vehicles have entry. The system can also provide access data for administering periodic access charges or parking fees.

Benefits of using ActiveWave RFID Systems:

  • ActiveWave RFID tags can be affixed to automobiles for activating hands-free access to communities and parking lots
  • The RFID reader can also trigger surveillance cameras or video recorders whenever a vehicle enters or exits the controlled area
  • Each access can be recorded in the RFID reader or host computer's database to maintain a history of access activities and administer billing of daily, weekly, or monthly fees

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